"A New Beginning"

A Journey of Faith through USMC Boot Camp


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I thoroughly enjoyed the book, "A New Beginning", and found it very interesting.  First of all, I am not familiar with the military and this certainly gave me insight into the training and stresses that go with it!  I was also interested in the struggles that Jonathan had in relating his faith to his everyday experiences during his training.  The book is well written and well put together.  It was not easy to put down, but occasionally life intervened and I had to!  The transitions by Bryan between mail messages was excellent and kept the story line going.  (I appreciated the "Glossary" to help keep me from getting lost because of the military lingo.)  I certainly can highly recommend the book to anyone.

Blessings, Abby

Mrs. Abby Mount-Burke


I couldn’t put it down! ………….Gerry Leftkowitz


I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your letters in the book!  How wonderful that you were praying about being a good witness. We're praying with you about that and we're so proud of you! May God be your covering and may He bless you in wonderful ways that only He can.

Wendy & Wayne Pitts


 At various times in our lives we embark on major new adventures.  This book chronicles one such journey covering some of the challenges faced, apparent defeats, and eventual victories.  One delightful surprise for me came with the recognition that the primary battles this young man faced centered around being prepared to engage and overcome spiritual battles, learning to trust G-d's plan even when it did not make sense or was not easy.  Certainly the physical demands were daunting at times and learning that "those who wait on the L-rd will renew their strength" was a key to meeting each challenge.  As the story unfolds it also becomes clear that the power of prayer plays a role in our lives that we should never take for granted or underestimate.  The main question in my mind once I completed the book was 'will there be a sequel'?  My prayer is that this book will be comforting to some and challenging to others.

Stephen Smith


Our son Christopher arrived at Parris Island 5 days ago.......

Thank you for sharing...Boot Camp is a "family" experience, and your writings has helped to make it a less mysterious and fearful one.

Stanley & Sharilyn Craddock


This book is an interesting account of one recruit's experience in Marine Corps basic training. Naturally, as part of the extended family, we were interested in what went on, knowing that Jonathan spent a year in Iraq serving his country. The honesty of Jonathan's struggles as well as his faith was refreshing. So was the care the Marines gave him during his illnesses. It's a gutsy decision to join the Marines, and it was a terrific achievement for Jonathan to finish his basic training so well, and we are so proud of him. The story of how it happened, with his own letters, gave the narrative a particularly honest and immediate quality, and yet it was inspiring too. Thanks for putting it in print!
Uncle Donald Joye

Author of "The Parenting Adventure with a Genius in the House"