"A New Beginning"

A Journey of Faith through USMC Boot Camp

                     Preface (excerpt from the book)


I met Jonathan Joye back in the late fall of 2004 during Saturday morning services at the Hope of Israel Congregation, of which we are both members. We began a relationship with each other that day that I sincerely hope will result in a lifelong friendship and spiritual kinship. He and those like him are the salt and light of our nation’s future.


My wife Shelby and I had just recently moved back to Charlotte, North Carolina, from a short work assignment in south Florida. Little did I know that one day soon I would be attending his graduation from our armed forces elite cadre, the United States Marine Corps, alongside his mother, Karen, and his sisters, Grace and Michelle.


It is our sincere wish that the following pages would be an inspiration to those that have or will have sons and daughters entering into military service for our country. Jonathan and I hope to dispel the fears and myths about “Boot Camp” and at the same time tell an entertaining story about his life-changing journey. Our hope is that we can shed some light on what it takes to physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually excel, not only in Marine Corps Basic Training, but also in life.



Semper Fidelis,


Bryan Boyett

Charlotte, North Carolina


Jonathan Joye

MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina                                        June 2008